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Individual and family law covers a broad range of laws that deal with the family and with family life. This includes such areas as:

  • entering into a marriage or registered partnership, as well as the consequences of divorce or the dissolution of a registered partnership
  • parenthood (biological, adoption)
  • guardianship over – and treatment of children
  • parental information and consultation right
  • child protection measures such as parental supervision, court custody, and inheritance.

As such, individual and family law spans a wide range of subjects that relate to the everyday life of individuals in our society.
When a marriage or registered partnership is dissolved, many arrangements must be made between the partners. Where the partners are in agreement or are willing to communicate, a mutually agreed settlement may be reached with the assistance of a divorce-attorney mediator. If this approach fails, or communication breaks down such that no mutual agreement can be realized, then Barristers Verschuur can guide such clients through the full procedural trajectory – from the decision to divorce to the pronouncement of the court in conjunction with the divorce decree. Areas where judicial decisions may be required include, for example, co-parenting, child custody, child maintenance and alimony, division of community property, to include real estate (where this is jointly held), or settlement in the case of a pre/ante-nuptial agreement.

The right of inheritance also falls under the domain of individual and family law. For example,

  • what are your rights if you were disinherited by your deceased partner?
  • how do the rights of biological children compare to step-children?

Verschuur can advise and assist you in the full array of areas covered by individual and family law.