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Kantoor Verschuur Advocaten

Today, there are many forms of cohabitation: marriage, registered partnership, living together based on a cohabitation contract, or just living together with no contract. Depending on the form it takes, cohabitation can have a number of consequences. For example, marriage can be entered into based on communal property or on a pre/ante-nuptial contract or marriage settlement. But what does this mean exactly?
Alternatively, a couple may opt to form a registered partnership – but how does this differ from a marriage?

Another option is to generate a cohabitation contract – but what exactly does this involve and what arrangements have to be made? Living together without any type of formal contractual arrangement can also have consequences, e.g., who is the legal tenant of the flat the couple co-habits, and what are the rights and duties regarding any children born of this union?

Through their long experience in divorce practice and cohabitation dissolution agreements, Barristers Verschuur Advocatuur are well versed in the unexpected and unintentional consequences that can arise when a marriage settlement turns out to mean something other than what was originally intended by one or both partners; or circumstances have changed since the beginning of a cohabitation arrangement, and unanticipated consequences must now be addressed.

Prevention is better than a cure! Barristers Verschuur Advocaten can advise and assist you in making a well informed decision about which cohabitation arrangement best meets your needs, and can guide you in making appropriate adjustments should your circumstances change.