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Mr. Ellen Verschuur van der Voort mr. Ellen Verschuur- van der Voort

The main leitmotif in the profession career of Barrister Ellen Verschuur has been her extensive experience, and thorough knowledge of matters pertaining to divorce law. Her interest and engagement in legal matters relative to small and medium size businesses is another leitmotif. Yet a third leitmotif must surely be the ambitious professional character of this Haarlem Barrister, who identifies herself as someone who “is always trying to learn new things”.

At university, Verschuur studied corporate law. In 1992, she decided to enter the legal profession and went on to complete her specialized training at the Association of Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Mediators (VFAS). Barrister Verschuur is also a member of this association. Subsequently, Vershuur also completed a mediation training programme, and is a registered member of the Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMI). Cases involving a combination of divorce – and business law present an extra challenge for this Harlem Barrister. In such cases “divorce concerns not only the husband, wife and children, but it can also have consequences for the business. This can be very complicated when a business owner is divorcing.”

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